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About us

Welcome to GREENLED, your source for High Quality LED lighting at competitive pricing for the Canadian marketplace. Our main LED products are: T-8 Lights, High Bay Fixtures, Panel Lights, Wall Pack Lights, Retrofit Bulbs, Flex Strip Lighting and Bulbs. We offer a 3-Year and  5 Year warranty on our DLC certified products.

GREENLED provides lighting to various sectors including residential, industrial and commercial. We also specialize in lighting retrofits & energy lighting audits. We keep up with the latest trends and do research in order to stay ahead in the industry, we are green minded individuals and believe in providing a greener planet by contributing to an eco-friendly and energy efficient substitution for Incandescent lighting. Greenled lighting products are used for a wide range of applications and industries throughout Canada.

Did you know lighting accounts for about 40% of energy consumption in the commercial building sector. Within that sector, retail and warehouse facilities are among the biggest consumers. With much of that energy being wasted, it results in higher utility bills and carbon emissions. Currently lighting industry is on the dawn of a new era driven by significant change in technology.

Slash Your Operating Costs By Switching to Solid State LED Lighting  

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